Wind and Waves

Sometimes in life, the storms we face threatens to destroy everything we own. During times like this, we are often looking for something to grab onto. Instead of trusting God we look to our family, and friends to lend a hand of support. The problem with that is we become dependent on another resource and not the source(God). With every setback or blow of bad news, we tend to focused on the storm.

Our natural instinct is to run as the storm picks up speed. Storms never last long, it is the dark clouds, strong wind and the large waves that frighten us. We perceive danger because the storm looks dangerous in most cases the storm is moving so fast that just blows right over us. This same idea can be applied to the wind and waves of life we think and see danger and we panic. We are so focused on the circumstances that we fail to see the best way to handle our circumstances.

Most of our blessings are dependent upon our ability to handle the wild wind and the tall waves of life. If we are planted on the true rock we should not be afraid of what the storm may bring. Our greatest victories are won when we learn to stand up against the very things that threaten to take us out. All is not lost and as we start to focus on the greater good we realize all is well, regardless of what we face.

In order to maintain during the storm, we must learn to keep a good attitude even when things are not going our way. The wind and waves are only effects of the storm everything we experience in life is temporary. No matter what the wind and waves of life are doing it doesn’t stop the fact that we are loved. Even in a storm, you can find peace if you just look around and see the good. Never fear the wind and waves of life you will overcome everything you face. Remember your character is being developed do not be moved no matter how strong the wind and waves become. 

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