White Noise

While on a recent visit back home my childhood memories were refreshed. The small city provided a unique peace and quietness. There were no horns glaring or people yelling, it was just a quiet setting. Life back home was not the same as living in the city. The environment and pace are totally different. Everything is extremely fast in the city and people seem to be in a rush wherever you go.

Over the last few years, I have noticed that life is similar to this idea. There will be moments that things are peaceful and there will be times where life is full of chaos. Our minds and lives are full of the white noise you often hear from a television when there is no signal. Our schedules are full of things to do and it seems we hardly have time to breathe. At times it’s hard for our minds to operate at full capacity because our thoughts are in overload.

It is vital that we take breaks or enjoy a vacation away from our busy lifestyles and find peace. When our minds are full of white noise we tend to ignore the foreground noise(frontal thoughts) and focus on the background noise (subconscious). The background noise is meaningless thoughts, ideas, and opinions that hinder us from being decisive. We tend to make decisions based on how we feel or what we think and that usually comes from the white noise area.

During moments of extreme pressure, we often seek guidance and insight from the people we are close to. Family members, friends, lovers, and the list goes on. The knowledge or information that our loved ones give is based on either experience or opinion. We have to learn to drown out anything or anyone other than the creator (God). The creation (people, places and things) could never answer the questions that only the creator (God) would know. Some of our greatest breakthroughs will come when we find peace and rest. It is in this space you will find the answers you are seeking, drown out the white noise and find your focus. 

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