Victory On The Rock

We all find ourselves with heartaches, struggles, and hardships as we journey throughout life. Too often we look for safety from the crashing waves that life seems to toss our way. Over the years I have learned and now understand that when those moments in life happen it is difficult to fight the crashing waves from ground level. From ground level your visibility is limited and as you fight one wave another wave comes roaring in only to knock you back or down. 

Our day-to-day schedules have become race tracks as we frantically rush from one activity to the next forgetting simple things like mobile devices, keys, chargers, appointments and the list goes on. Not only does the list go on and on it is only part of our daily lives, we still have spouses, kids, meetings, friends, and church functions. The problem is not our crazy schedules or even our planning process, the problem is, we are fighting big fights with little hands and limited vision. For me, it came in the form of simply understanding that my failure to put God first in my life left me on the shores of life so whenever an unexpected storm or wave would come it would often knock me back, down or even under. 

In a desperate attempt to save myself from me I went to God in prayer and surrendered my big problems to an even bigger God. Over time what I started to realize is that as long as I abide in God and put him first the storms and waves of life were not a danger because my hope and faith were in The Rock on which I made my foundation. It now was out of my small hands and into the hands of a God who is more than able to not only guide me in the right direction but also multi-task all of the plans he has placed in my heart and ordained for my life.

Today, I encourage you to make Christ The Rock on which you build your entire life on. When you build your life on The Rock you have safety from all the elements you once had to fight from a ground-level perspective on your own. You have a helping hand to see the waves of life coming long before they hit your shores. Whatever life may throw at you doesn't seem big at all because you have position yourself on The Rock. With better visibility, you are now positioned to handle the storms of life and understand that they will eventually pass. When your foundation is built on The Rock, you are better prepared and nothing is a surprise...