Social Media has created a world that is 24/7 with full access to things, places and people around the world. As technology and VR (virtual reality) continues to drive this digital age we have become less connected with the world we live in and more fascinated with a dimension that doesn't exist. We have become amused and entertained by the lives of others whether good or bad and have turned everyday activities into a show and tell competition to impress people we have never met.

Before anyone jumps the gun let me point out that there is nothing wrong with sharing our success, accomplishments, and special moments with family, friends, and our peers. The question that has become more frequently asked around the world is, how do we distinguish between sharing special moments versus showing off to convince others that our everyday life is rockstar worthy? It seems that the stereotypical groups that were created in high school have transitioned into the world we live in. The nerds, punk rockers, weirdos, athletes, geeks, the upper class, freshman, and the list goes on, somehow still exist today.

We are living a time where people have become obsessed with proving that they belong to societies imaginary cool kids club. Somehow we have forgotten how to live our lives the way God design them and have crossed the threshold into deceitful lifestyles. If you take a glance at the world we live in you will notice that the 24/7 on-demand access has become the golden ticket to fame, fortune, and celebrity status. Viral and trending videos have propelled careers, one hit wonders and others seeking attention into a frenzy to become the next big thing. 

We must learn the difference between the real world and virtual reality. Our everyday lives have dramatically changed over the course of time. It seems that we have forgotten how to do the simple things in life without updating our status or social media accounts. In the movie the Matrix, Neal had to be plugged into virtual reality. Though he was not physically in this virtual world his physical body was affected by his virtual actions. When things became dangerous his colleagues would unplug him from the virtual world so that they could devise a strategy to fulfill the mission that he had been destined to do. 

What is your mission in life? Are you truly fulfilling your purpose in life? Sometimes life can be overwhelming with all that we have going on, we often need a break. Our biggest breaks and moments of peace will come when we learn how to unPlug from the virtual reality world and embrace the real world we live in.