There Is Enough...

One of the great examples of an unexpected can be found in 1 Kings verse 10 through 16 when a widow had only enough bread and oil for her and her son. Elijah the Prophet asked her for some bread and when she told him she only had enough to eat with her son and die. He told her not to be afraid, and gave her specific instructions to fix his bread first and that God would not allow the jar of flour or the oil run out until the land received rain.

Two things that stand out in this story, one is when we are obedient God will honor our obedience. Also, when we are willing to give out of the little we have and trust that God is our source whatever we give God will always bless us beyond our giving. The widow had no idea that she was in line for an unexpected blessing, even in her response she says “And surely as the Lord your God lives” meaning God knows I want to help however all that I have is enough for me and my son.

Do you know what it takes to give out of an area in your life where you don’t even have enough? This was her plea, how can I give you something that I don’t even have enough of. In her mind, her thoughts were probably if I give you what we have than what shall we eat. Her only intention was to feed her son and herself and die after that because it was her last. What makes this story so relatable is the fact that she was a single parent who had hit a rough spot and was down to her last. In my mind, I wonder how many other single parents have been in a similar situation and wanted to help someone in need but the thought of going without caused them to miss out on an unexpected blessing.

There have been several times in my life as a single parent we only had enough food to last for a few days and instead of me eating I prepared a meal for my son and I went without. Even in those times God provided a way, a friend or a neighbor would offer food or money to get food. God is always watching our heart he knows exactly what we stand in need of, and is often waiting for us to ask for his guidance and help. Over the years I have honestly learned that God is not like a man he will not lie or forsake us if we will only believe. Although things don’t go the way that I think they should go, his timing is perfect.

God’s plan for our lives is far better than anything we can imagine and we must learn to trust his ways more than our own. Just like the manna God provided for the Israelites in their time of need, we can trust he will do the same for us. We often lean on our own understanding when situations come into our lives that we don’t quite understand. We often jump to fix one issue and four more issues arise, God’s system is fail proof and in the end, he not only provides what we need it is always with peace, satisfaction, and abundance. When God asks us to give, we can be sure that the provisions have already been released so that there is more than enough. 

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