The Power of No

In the last two weeks, how many times have you been influenced by the thoughts, ideas or actions of someone else? Today, the power of social media has grown and we have been connected virtually through technology, we have the power to access other people in different countries around the globe right at our fingertips.

The issue is, we often become lost in this virtual reality that we forget the power of no and allow outside influences to impact and affect our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and decisions without saying a word.  We live in a microwave world where everything is produced at a high rate, our food, clothes, cars, television programming and even our thinking. We often make decisions under extreme pressure based on the severity of the situation. The power of no eliminates our microwave thinking and calls for sound reasoning no matter how dire the situation.

Success starts with the power of no, you have to take an honest assessment of your life and identify the areas of your life that need the power of no. It could be your financial spending habits or your circle of friends or maybe even bad habits that cause you to make decisions that don’t align with the goals you have set. You have to begin to ask yourself how much power and influence have you given things, people and places that either distract you or cause you to make poor choices.

The power of no will separate the people, places, and things that are not encouraging you to reach your fullest potential. Real change happens when you make decisions and sacrifices that better you. Struggling is part of the process of being successful; anyone who has breached any form of success has struggled. One of the issues that we often fall victim to is seeing other peoples success and not knowing the layers of struggle that took place to reach their level of success.

Everyone’s success is different and struggling is not a place that anyone asks to be, it is a transitional place that very few people exit because they lack the power of no. Life for me changed completely when I starting making better decisions, one of the key things that help me understand what I wanted was learning to be alright with people not agreeing with my decisions.

Your best life is right around the corner it is never to late to accomplish anything all it takes is making better decisions and using the power of no. Understanding that saying yes to every situation that arises will stretch you thin and limited your productivity. People pleasing has never accomplished anything, you will learn that even after you have completed your commitment to people someone will still want more or be completely unsatisfied.

One of the toughest lessons I have learned in life is that you can never satisfy everybody, someone will always be unhappy. Too many times I have attempted to please everyone and ended up frustrated, broke and tired. It never failed as soon as one person seemed to be pleased another person would complain about being unhappy. No one took the time to see how I felt or how I was doing, all they were concerned about was their own needs. We have given to much time and effort to people we care about them when in reality they could care less about us. Learn to use the Power of No today!!!

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