The Balancing Act

Where does our time go? Our daily activities have increased while the time that we have in a day has not and remains the same, unchanged. It seems there is more to do each day as we find ourselves buried with task after task to further our careers, goals, dreams and take care of our families. It can be overwhelming which increases stress, health issues, lack of rest and mismanagement of the time and resources that we have been given. 

What happen to spending quality time with our families, long walks in the parks as the kids run around? Communicating our thoughts, feelings, and emotions to one another has turned into memes, short text, social media, and technology. Life has become a rat race, which often leaves us broken, as we tend to neglect what we should value most. Finding balance in a world that has become obsessed with selfies, success, and going viral has driven us apart from reality, each other, and God.

With so much going on it is easy to forget that this life is temporary and tomorrow is not promised. We must get back to valuing the time we have with one another and becoming more aware of the people around us. Just the other day I was downtown and notice everybody walking around with their head down like zombies glued to their mobile devices. These are the moments in our lives that people need to know that they are not alone and by taking our heads out of our devices will ensure they know. Now is the time we hear their story, exchange ideas or even express the pain that we all seem to be experiencing. 

Finding the balance we need starts with God, for the last two years of my life I have realized that the more God added the less worried, stressed and overwhelmed I feel. Life is a blessing, not a problem or situation that must be figured out, we must learn to say no to the voice of busyness and say yes to the voice of God. Life is a blessing not a project. In God there is perfect peace his will has everything we need, want and desire; we must first learn to surrender our will and allow him to lead us. The secret of living a life full of passion and purpose can be found in how we handle the Balancing Act of our daily lives.

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