Take Your Shot

Success doesn’t just happen you have to do things on purpose, you have to make decisions based on where you want to go not where you are. There are a few reasons why most people are not successful, and one of the top reasons that hinder people from reaching their own greatness is their unwillingness to sacrifice. Whenever you have a dream, vision or goal you must first ask yourself is it attainable and am I willing to make the adjustments needed to reach my desired goal.

Having a dream, goal or vision is a great start because you visualize it before you achieve it. How you create separation and start to make progress towards that goal is similar to the technique Micheal Jordan used to create his own shot, you must position yourself to be open. There are plenty of people who have great ideas for a new business, while others may have a breakthrough invention it all means nothing if they cannot get open to achieve it. Somewhere out there a person is pursuing an acting career while someone else’s goal is to graduate college, the question that always determines the outcome is what are you willing to sacrifice.

At some point, you have to move your feet to create space and opportunity to take a shot at what you have set as your goal. Your shot could have the purest stroke but it means nothing if you don’t have a clear vision of the goal. How can a quarterback be considered great if he never throws a pass?

As a boxer it is a bit different, your job is to learn the various boxing techniques, skills and how to move your feet to become a championship fighter. No matter how skilled you become in the training process you will never know how good you are until you fight in real time. On paper you could be favored to win the fight but if you get in the ring and don’t throw your punch you are subject to lose. Sacrifice is about throwing your best punch even if you miss or get knock down the key is you made a decision.

Sacrifice is about getting up early and going to bed late, it’s about going to the gym and throwing punches when no is around. It is what drives a student-athlete to shoot jumpers when all their friends are out having a good time. To go from an average player to a great player in any aspect it is a process, and it all starts with what you are willing to give up in order to gain.

One area that separates a good player from a great player is the ability to be flexible. Michael Jordan was a master at making adjustments to his shot in mid-air going to or away from the goal. No matter where you find yourself in life you have to be flexible and understand that the path to success is not always straight. As long as you know what your goal is it doesn’t matter what life throws at you the harder you work the closer you get.

The way to play the game of life is with your mind and heart, being able to make sound decisions under extreme pressure is a valuable asset. Another key component is taking responsibility for your actions, being accountable for your role in the losses helps you understand how to make adjustments.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating the small victories along the way, the problem that most people have is that they get caught in the twilight zone of the short-term accomplishment. No matter how many small victories you get you should never take your focus off the end goal. The end goal is the final target you set out to hit in the beginning, everything leading up to the moment is practice and experience. Don’t get comfortable, or relaxed during the process always use the same amount of focus and energy to accomplish the big task as you do the small task.

Right now there are some things in your life that are bad habits that are hindering you from reaching your goals. Maybe it is watching too much television, shopping, or going out with friends. You have to start looking at the big picture the sacrifices you make today will determine your rewards for tomorrow. In order to be great at anything in life, you must become a student of the game. Whether it is a sport, your career, school, or even work never stop studying, never stop learning and working towards what you have set out to accomplish. The time is now, TAKE YOUR SHOT!!

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