Sunday Motivation Edition: Purpose For The Fight

Shortly, after leaving my weekend gig at a local nightclub in 2014 I was faced with a tough decision. Should I continue to do work that had no substance, take a front from a big-time drug dealer, get a job, or work the vision that I had been given. It was one of the biggest decisions of my life, I went from making 1500 a weekend to homeless with a 2-year-old. The problem was not my money management skills but because I lacked the vision and doubted myself and the plan God had for me. Without any paperwork, birth certificate, social security card or any documentation I found myself looking for a way to provide for a baby with no real support system in place. Things quickly escalated out of control and I hit a downward spiral.

Somehow I found a way to continue to dream, to live one day at a time, and fight with my heart and the fire that burned inside of me. It took me almost 2 years to get back to a place of stability and through it all, I never stop believing that what was inside of me was greater than what I faced. Life happens and we often become discouraged by our trials and tribulations, if you could only peek into your future you would understand why you have to fight so hard for what you truly want. Today, my son and I are blessed beyond measure, although things are not where I prefer them to be we are far from where we started.

This message is to someone who may currently be facing hardships: emotional, financial, mental or physical. The journey may seem long but just remember that the reward will be so much greater. Now is not the time to run away, now is the time to run to whatever you may be facing head-on. It is your fight that will determine your reward, celebrate the small wins so that you will know how to cherish the bigger victories...#iAm1301

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