Steps of Faith

Faith and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time; you either have one or the other. Remember that wherever fear is love is not present which indicates that there is no commitment. Too often we start out with bold and strong faith our confidence dwells in the idea of accomplishing our goals, however as we get further into the fight of faith we start second-guessing our journey after we encounter just setbacks. What has happened in our lives over the course of time that has caused us as adults to become so afraid?

Remember as kids we were so fearless we were climbing, jumping, running and falling without a care in the world. As kids we would fall down and often bounce back up and kept playing, sometimes if our parents were present we would cry not because we seriously injured but because we wanted them to know that we were embarrassed. Somehow as time went on and we grew into ourselves we became so fearful of failing in life that we retreat before we even tried. We started being more concerned about what other people thought or how certain clothes looked in the eyes of other people that we forgot that the clothes we bought were based on what we liked.

Society has created a paranoid state of fears based on the judgment of others that it has clouded our perception of our own selves. By boldly believing and confidently confessing that the word of God is the foundation of our lives we should be living out every word in our daily lives and we should move with an attitude of expectancy no matter what we may face.   Understand that the things that we are the most fearful of often hold the keys to our future.

Faith is like a baby learning how to walk, it doesn't happen overnight it is a process. Gradually you become more confident with each step and with each step your confidence and your legs become stronger. Before you know it you are not thinking about taking steps it becomes a habit and you just do it, no thoughts it just becomes part of who you are. It's similar to you cutting on the lights you don't hope they come on unless you haven't paid the bill, you expect them to come on every time you hit the switch. Your expectation is already there, so fear cannot exist, we must learn to operate with this same mindset in our everyday lives as we take steps of faith to find the strength we need to fulfill our purpose. 




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