Stay Connected

A few months ago while working a part-time job a client brought me a Bluetooth earpiece that was a gift and a blessing. After getting the new Bluetooth home I charged it up and after 7 hours I was able to connect it to my phone. Since having it there have been no issues until recently it started acting weird. Even on a full charge, it started disconnecting from my phone without warning or cause, one day while talking on a business call the Bluetooth just disconnected and the call switched to my phone. A bit embarrassed I quickly grab my phone and proceded the conversation. 

After the conversation, I quickly started looking for solutions to fix the disconnecting issues. Googled the issue and found out that only three issues could cause the problem, one being the obvious a low-battery, too much distance between the phone and earpiece, and lastly, when the Bluetooth is not positioned in the ear properly it will cause the connection to fail.

It dawned on me that sometimes we find ourselves searching for our lost connection with God when we are not seeking him first in our lives. Our lives are dependent on our connection with the word of God as well as our relationship with God. The Digital Age has become our 24/7 addiction and has pushed us away from the most important connection in our lives. With so many different activities going on in our lives like work, home, kids, family school, church and social activities we often get disconnected from the main voice we need to hear in our lives. 

When our schedules are overbooked with activities we become drained which causes us to lose our connection with God, rest is good because it keeps our hearts fully charged and ready to receive the word of God at any moment. One of the other reasons we often lose connection with our source is because we seek our own way and get so far from God that we get disconnected and we find ourselves outside of the will of God which is a total disconnect. The final reason being when we are not in a position to hear from God we become disconnected from the instructions, guidance, and directions we need to make tough decisions that life often tosses our way.                                                           

With all that is happening in the world and even in our lives, it is important that we maintain our charge for Christ by staying connected to the Father. We must not get distracted by our circumstances or even what is happening around us. By spending time in God's word we are able to maintain our connection and hear the right voice in our ear and lives. Our lives can be overwhelming at times however it is important that we find time to charge up on the word so whenever God calls we are connected and ready to answer the call.