Run To It...

By giving God total access and control over our lives we can live a life full of purpose rather than a life full of fear. Self-discipline plays a major role in the process of living a life to it’s fullest, by facing the issues that cause us to be afraid. Learning to control our feelings, thoughts and actions help eliminate self-doubt by seeing ourselves as God sees us, strong, complete and victorious. When we make a conscious decision to live a self-disciplined life we become strong in the areas that the enemy attempts to attack.

It all starts in our minds as the saying goes whatever a man/woman thinks so shall they become. If the enemy can penetrate your thoughts with second-guessing, overthinking, and the what if factor than you become afraid of making any decision and making no decision is what often leads us to failure.

Don’t become a prisoner in a world where you are totally free to use that power and self-discipline you have been given to fight off the mental and spiritual attacks that the enemy attempts to use against your mind. The enemy knows exactly how powerful you are and if he can persuade you into thinking that you are not good enough then he has won half the battle. It is the enemy’s job to attack you he knows how much power you have been given and that is why he roams to and from looking to pounce on every mind that is not strong.

 Your mind is a very powerful weapon and the enemy knows that if he can infiltrate your mind with negative thinking than he can stop the amazing life God has ordained for you. It is important that you understand God’s love for you and you love yourself and others with that same love. Love has an amazing power to heal broken places whether it’s in your mind; heart, spirit or relationship love has the power to fill those places.

What are your thoughts about yourself at this very moment are they positive thoughts or negative thoughts? How you see yourself is very important if you see yourself as weak or not good enough then how do you think the enemy sees you. Whatever it is that is causing you to feel fearful don't run from it, run to it, your future depends on it!!!

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