Open Your Gift

What if I told you that you have a gift from a secret admirer waiting for you to open it? Would you be more concerned about what the gift was or would you want to know who the gift was from? Which one is more important the gift or the giver? If we asked ten people this question what would be their response?

We are living in a world where gift giving is mostly done on special days like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and celebrations. A gift is a just a small token of appreciation from our family, friends, and loved ones to show how much we mean to them. Every gift has a two-way street effect on both people involved, as a giver it brings great joy to see the receiver of the gift bursting with great joy and amazement as they rip away the outer packaging to see the reward inside. As the receiver of the gift you feel overwhelmed that someone thought of you in the most loving way. Most of the time the gift is something that we really wanted, and other times it is something that we were in need of like a new phone, new car, new house, new shoes or even a new fancy coffee machine.

Too many times we look for special gifts not realizing that the greatest gift that we could possibly open is our relationship with God. You're probably wondering how our relationship with God is a gift? Because he is the creator of all things and who is more important than the giver of life. There is something amazing inside of you right now as you read these lines that if you don't take the time to open you will never experience the beneifts that this gift can bring. 

You have been beautifully and wonderfully made by a God that loves you unconditionally, no matter where you are in life right now God loves you beyond anything you can imagine. Like any relationship if you don't maintain it you will never know how much it can grow. God is not like us he will never leave you or forsake you, it is his desire to meet our every need, in good and bad times. We spend so much of our time looking for external things to fill the void in our lives not realizing that our greatest gift is our relationship with God.

Nobody receives a gift so great and never opens it, unless you're more concerned about the size of the gift, or the wrapping of the gift or who the gift is from. Even in that case you will most likely miss the special moment that someone thought enough of you to get you a gift. Right now, God is waiting on you to open your gift, don't let another day pass by without opening the greatest gift you will ever have in this lifetime....Open your gift from God today, he is waiting on you.....

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