Matters of the Heart

The times we are living in now are different and have changed since I was a kid. The things I valued as a kid I no longer value as a man. Life’s journey often changes what we value. As a young teenager all that mattered was materialistic things that merely satisfied me temporarily. Even after receiving what my heart desired I was never truly satisfied.

We all have something we long for whether its love, a dream job, money, a career, marriage or even a million dollars. What happens when we get it? Do we truly cherish it? Does it truly bring us the type of joy, happiness, peace and purpose that God desires us to have? So many times we place too much time, energy and hope into things that have no real value.

Our everyday activities have taken the main stage of our lives and we have placed what God calls good on the back burner. It seems that we spend less time with God and more time in the world. Our lives have become story modes and our accomplishments have become ammunition in a social war to be seen.

In Matthew 6:21 it is written, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. It is amazing how such a short scripture could pack so much insight on the world we live in. What do we truly value? Do we value earthly things more than we value the things of God? If we were to open the treasure chest of our hearts how much value would these things have?

At some point our perspective in life changed and we lost our passion and connection for others. What we valued ten years ago should have no place in our lives today. Growth happens when we no longer desire things that hinder us from connecting with others and God. Our ways are not God’s ways and our thoughts are not his thoughts. If we are truly seeking God daily we will know and understand the matters of the heart.