Make The Call

Have you ever felt as if your life was heading in the wrong direction? It felt as if some unstoppable force was pushing you into the twilight zone of life. No matter what you do right the challenges of life keep driving you in the wrong direction. There have been numerous times that I can recall in my life where it felt like some unmovable force was fighting against my every move.

Who do you have on your team that has a high IQ for the game of life? When you need to call a timeout to make crucial decisions who do you call? We have family members, friends, and even co-workers who we often discuss options with us to help us get a better understanding of the challenges we may face. Ultimately we should go to God with our any situations we may be facing. Keep in mind that the clock of life doesn’t stop, so ever decision that we make will be crucial to the outcome of how we finish.

Having a personal relationship with God is vital to our success as well as our perspective on life. God is the creator of the field on which we play and who would know better than God what play he has designed for your life. There have been moments in my life were I went to someone I felt had the right IQ for the situations that I was facing. What I have learned is that human thinking is limited and someone else’s perspective may be limited based on their experience.

When we take the issues of life to God not only do we get valuable insight and guidance we get a peace of mind. In my moments of hard times and frustration I often looked for the quickest solution just to get the situation under control. The quickest solutions are not always the best option when other factors play a major role in the outcome of the game.

One of the toughest lessons I have learned in life is when I make a decision under pressure thinking that the outcome would work out one way and to my surprise it took a turn for the worst. Tomorrow is not promised and if we are blessed to see that day we must learn to be intentional about our time here on earth. Making hasty decisions lead to turnovers and every possession is important. Social media plays a major role in our lives because we have instant access to sporting events, concerts and award shows.

We live in a world where everything is in high demand and we spend less time with God. Learning how to call a timeout gives us the opportunity to find out if our lives and game plans are lining up with God’s will. When life gets tough and starts pushing and shoving you around sometimes you have to call a timeout and regroup. If you were to ask any professional athlete on any platform how hard is it to focus during a game frustrated they would tell you extremely tough. Players have been taken out the game and benched because their frustration started to show up in their performance, which eventually affects the team’s performance.

It is the same way in life, when we are fatigue, frustrated or upset our focus goes away from winning and our attention gets jammed up on our circumstances. Speaking from my own experiences nothing good will happen when your mentally frustrated, you start to overthink and react out anger more than what you know to be the natural thing to do. When you are aligned with your purpose winning and success comes naturally and no matter what happens in life you will always finish strong.

No matter what life throws your way, you must be relentless in your pursuit of scoring. Notice I used the word scoring because first downs are just as important as touchdowns. Too many times we get cocky and prideful and go for the gusto on the first play and when we get stopped we lose a huge amount of confidence. We must learn to play the game of life on the level we are on and take the progress we make and build on the small wins. Don't get ahead of yourself, take it one play, and one day at a time. When life gets tough don't be afraid or hesiate to make the call, take it to God in prayer!!!!

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