Looking Up

Everybody wants to win, it doesn't matter what level it's on or what platform it's on we just like to win. Friendly competitions become longtime rivals as we attempt to prove that we are the best in or at whatever we do. Whether we are at work, school, functions or even a family picnic we desperately need to prove our worth. No one likes to lose especially when it's against an opponent that you have won against before.

There are will be times in your life where it seems that things are not going as planned and you will want to lose hope, don't. No matter how down you may feel there is always a shining sun coming after the storm. The storms of life come and go and nothing lasts forever remember that there is nothing new under the sun and everything is temporary. Life has taught me some very valuable lessons and one lesson that changed my life is that regardless of what life may throw my way God is still in full control.

In the book of Job, there is a story about a man who lost all he had, his wealth, family and even his health. Despite his circumstances, Job still found enough strength to look up and give God thanks. Sometimes in life, we find ourselves overwhelmed by the neverending battles that seem to attack us which leave us feeling helpless. Even in the midst of our trials and tribulations, there is hope that what we are fighting won't last forever and tomorrow will surely come. 

In the moments of loss in your life, you have to have an understanding that God is working things out in your favor. Giving thanks for what is good in your life empowers you to have faith that even as you fight the right now you are not fighting alone. God promises to never leave or forsake you even when you are unable to see him physically working in your life. Job looked to the Father because he knew that all that he had and owned came from a good and loving Father that cares about his well being.

Nothing can separate you from the love of God. Today, remember, that as long as you are looking down you can not see the hope that is available through grace, mercy, and favor that flows from a loving Father that sits high and looks low. Look to hills from which all your help flows, stay focused and always know that your help comes from above so keep Looking UP!!!