Lift Your Weight...

The game of life is calling you out right now for a one on one matchup and the stakes are high, winner takes all. You have trained, practiced and prepared for this moment now it’s all about executing all that hard work onto to court of life with an outstanding performance. This is not a drill session this is war, this is for all the times you missed the shot, you fumbled the ball, this is about striking out because you didn’t put in the work and average felt good. This time it’s different it means more now than it did before, it’s about being intentional and winning on purpose. Being afraid of success is one of the most overlooked fears of all time, now is not the time.

Every experience up to this point has been prep work to prepare you for this very moment you have to play like tomorrow is not promised you must leave everything on the playing field of life here and now. The various stages of life have only been cones and drill to prepare your footwork, too minimize your mistakes, and to get your thoughts in rhythm with your actions.

Remember all the weight you carried during the different areas of your life when it all seemed like too much to bear, it was merely weight training class. Those very moments were building you up so that you could handle the pressure and difficulties that life would throw your way. It has all been for your good to build you up mentally, physically and spiritually to prep you for the journey ahead.

The hardships, calamities, and tribulations of life are to build our faith and strengthen your confidence and relationship with God. There is nothing too hard for God and he made a promise that he would never put more on you than you could bear. Just imagine the creator of the heavens and earth telling you that you can handle the weight that you are carrying, that’s weight training with purpose. If you can handle the weight you are carrying then you have to understand it’s intention is not to break you but rather to build you up. Stop whining, don't complain just Lift Your Weight there are people depending on you, YES, YOU...LIFT YOUR WEIGHT!!!

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