KEEP GRINDIN' - Father's Day Edition

In every man’s heart, there will come a turning point that will change his life forever. Whether it’s a new opportunity, a job, a child, marriage or even death. For me, it happened shortly after the passing of my mother. My perspective on life changed, the life I wanted and dreamed of could only happen if I faced my fears.

It was on a Sunday morning in May that I was greeted with the most painful news a son or daughter could ever hear. My mother had just passed and my heart was completely broken, the pain I felt at the time cannot be explained. As I made the long drive home to North Carolina I found myself talking to God asking questions and pouring out my heart. The tears flowed as I passed the state line I was broken.

Something happened during my time of grief and brokenness, I gained new strength, new insight and the power to overcome fear. In all my years of dealing with death, I had never approached a casket, but this was different. This was the woman who introduced me to God and loved me even in my folly. My walk towards the casket was slow as my heart raced in anticipation of seeing the woman who meant everything to me for the last time.

As I leaned down to kiss her and say my final goodbye, I felt the coldness of death. At that very moment, all my fears were quickly removed. Life has taught me that even when you take a loss you must get back up and fight. There is nothing that can hold you back from accomplishing whatever it is God has for you to do. There is nothing that can hinder you from achieving greatness. There is nothing more powerful than a willing heart and a set mind,…KEEP GRINDIN’