This morning I was blessed to wake up and see another day, what an honor and delight it is to already be in, wait...MARCH!!! It seems we were just celebrating New Year's with laughter, music, family, and fun. Now it's the third month of the year and time is not slowing down, you have no more time to waste, whatever it is you inspire to do in life you must take the first step now.

For a long time, I spent countless hours and days going back in forth with the idea of doing what I love to do full-time, and most of the conversations I have had with people they would say I am crazy and I should just get a job. To me that is the easy way out in life, to jump on the wheel of normal living and live from paycheck to paycheck struggling to figure out how to make ends meet. if you step back and look at entrepreneurship it is the same idea without clocking into a regular 9 - 5. It is the same life without the hassle of going into a job that you hate only to get a check that you are not satisfied with.

In order to do what you want in life and be completely happy with winning or losing you must first decide that you are willing to jump off the cliff of comfortable and understand that you may not fly at first but eventually if you stick to it you will gain momentum and catch sail. Your dreams will not come to you, you will have to chase them down one by one and be prepared to catch hell while in pursuit. Most of the people you and I have heard about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Tyler Perry and the list goes on failed and they failed a lot of times but look at the reward that comes from not giving up on your dreams.

One of the main keys to pursuing your dreams and being successful in your own right starts with a plan, and not the one in your head but the one you write down. You have to figure out how you will tackle the task that comes with pursuing the life you really desire. Another thing you have to stop doing is looking at other peoples success and believing that their plan will work for your life.

Everybody's story, plan, path, and journey are different you have to ask yourself five important questions as you move towards your dreams. Question 1: What am I willing to give up to get my goals accomplished?, Question 2: What do I value? , Question 3: Will I be alright if I don't make money? , Question 4: How can I help others with what I have? , and Question 5: What does my success look like?  Question 5 is probably one of the most important questions because success looks different in everyone's' eyes. 

Success, when viewed through the lens of distortion, can be completely misleading if you believe success is determined by materialistic things. Your success should be determined by what you started with and what you have accomplished. How many lives did you touch, and how did you impact someone else's life? True success cannot be measured in dollars and cents, true success can only be measured by the amount of heart it takes to build up others.