For a number of years, it seemed as if life was just happening. It just seemed as if things were off and nothing seemed to line up right. Frustration and doubt slowly started to settle in and life stopped being fun. Somehow I had lost focus on the big picture and found myself nit-picking at the small things in my life. It was only after my mother passed away in 2013 that it would all begin to make sense.  

Things eventually panned out and its safe to say I didn't lose my mind, I was just paranoid from all the little imperfections that made me who I am. It dawned on me that the very things that seemed ugly to me were the very things that made me unique. Too often we think that our imperfections make us unusable, unattractive, or less talented. The sad reality is the very ingredients we dislike about ourselves are the sweet delights that make us special and attract others to us.

We are living in one of the most advanced technological times ever and social media is the main platform. Here lies the problem; we are looking at other people’s grass through a distorted lens. How can we possibly allow what someone else is doing that we barely know to determine our perspective on life? It’s simple we start using the scale of comparison not understanding that our scale is not balanced so our measurements will always be off.

We all come from different places with different backgrounds. Every journey is different because we have been uniquely created. We talk different, think different and behave differently. Although our circumstances and situations may reflect similar characteristics our reactions, thoughts and processes will vary. Don’t be afraid of the very things that make you unique, embrace all of your imperfections. Your ability to love every layer of who you are encourages others to love you with the same love.

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