Growing Up

Life is about experiences and we often miss our greatest lessons in life because we are often staring at our mistakes and failures too long. The more that you and I experience life the more we learn about who and what life is all about. As a young kid with no sense of direction, my life at times felt as though it was spinning out of control. Nothing made sense and of course I had a chip on my shoulder because I believed I had all the answers.

In a small city in North Carolina called Salisbury, I learned a lot of tuff lessons about life. Most of my experiences came from trial and error situations which often landed me in deep hot water. The older I became the more I started to realize that my so-called friends were people that were trying to find their way in life as well. The struggles we faced were part of being teenagers and as time went on our friendships started to fade away. 

Life was about growth and it took me a long time to learn this simple yet complexed concept. Having a good seed means nothing if you don't have the right soil to plant the seed in, you can have all the right stuff in life however if you are in the wrong environment you will never grow to your fullest potential. It was time for me to move away from everything that I was familiar with and relocate to a new environment that was very uncomfortable. 

As we fast forward in time I found myself in Nashville, Tennessee, this new life required me to use skills that I never knew were inside of me to get to places I never thought I would go. At first, it was hard, I was far from home with no real support system in place. This new environment forced me to come out of former self and evolve into the person God created me to be. Meeting new people and traveling to different places opened my eyes to realize that life was full of new opportunities.

Being exposed to all these different realities started to develop a maturity in me that I had no control over, it was either sink or swim. God had a plan and the more that I let go and experienced this newness in my life I started to understand that life was about breaking free from my comfort zone. Everything that I once thought I understood about life was quickly tossed out the window, life must be experienced and not controlled. 

There will be times in your life where things will not make sense, once you realize that everything doesn't have to make sense you will quickly understand that it is part of the process. Life is about growth and the only way for growth to happen is through growing. Growth is a painful process that takes us out of our comfort zone and places us in a unfamiliar territory. It is only in this environment that we can reach our fullest potential which stretches us beyond what we think we are capable of.

Now is the time, get uncomfortable and experience all that life has to offer. Live, laugh and love all the things that are happening in your life at this very moment. You will live through the ups and downs, you will laugh along the way and you will learn to love the way your life unfolds. Don't fight the process, embrace the obstacles that life sends your way It is all part of the process of GROWING UP!!!