Growing Pains

Having a child is a blessing part of that process is seeing the stages of growth. During the first few stages a mother gradually gains weight over time. The process causes the woman’s body to stretch so that she is able to carry the child. Her eating, sleeping and behaviors change during this time. In order to deliver a healthy and strong baby she must continue to make adjustments along the way.

Each stage is different and requires compensation as the pregnancy goes through the various stages. Our lives are similar to this same process, as we gain experience from life’s obstacle course our character is developed over time. No one likes to go through the pain of growing because it seems that the things we hold onto the most are the very things we must let go of in order to grow. One of the most difficult things to wrap our minds around as we embark on our journey is that habits are hard to break. 

In order to break the habits that we have held on for so long, we first surrender the need to be in control. Having total control over our lives puts a weight on us that we are unable to bare. Total control requires us to handle every situation with irrational and limited thinking. Growth happens when we allow life to take its course. From the time a doctor informs a woman that she barring a child there is nothing she can do. 

We often attempt to stop life from happening by crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s, however, in order to see all the blessings on the other side we must go through the Growing Pains of life. Some of the pains will require us to be stretched and pushed beyond our own natural abilities. The beautiful thing that we often miss during our Growing Pains is that everything is for our greatest good. In order to experience the gifts and blessings ahead, we must learn to let go of the thoughts, ideas, and behaviors of our past.

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