Every plant or tree starts as a seed and eventually becomes what it was designed to be. In order for the seed to grow, it must be placed in the right type of soil. Each seed has a purpose and produces a different type of plant or tree. What exactly does the soil provide for the seed? The soil provides five elements that are vital towards the growth of every seed.

The soil provides five major elements: Anchorage, Oxygen, Water, Temperature modification and Nutrients. Each element has a purpose and all the elements work together to help the seed grow. Even with the elements in place, we must not forget the seed has a job to perform. Our purpose is inside of us; we have been covered by the blood of Christ. The word is our protection against the hazardous elements of this world that try to destroy our growth. Even with the blood of Christ and the word in our best interest will still have to serve our purpose.

Our daily lives consist of various elements and environments that either helps us grow or hinder our growth. As we mature in our walk with Christ we need a strong support system in place to help us reach our fullest potential. We are like seeds we need certain elements that will help stabilize us during our growing process. When the storms of life come to uproot you from your rightful position what keeps you from being destroyed?

There will be times in your life that you feel overwhelmed you will need a way to break down and release the negative energy. We need to be surrounded by people; places and things that help us grow up and out. A scientist did a test with two plants; one plant received positive comments every day while the other plant received negative comments. The effects were mind-blowing; the plant that received the positivity grew healthy and strong while the plant that received the negativity slowly died away. Your environment matters, the people, places, and things that surround you either help or hurt how you grow.