We are living in a world where there is always something happening or going on. Rumors of war, school shootings, political debates, the latest gadgets arrival, and the latest gossip. When you pile all these topics and more onto our already overwhelming schedules, it can cause a meltdown. 

Lately, I have been finding myself more and more disengaged with the antics of social media and more focused on the power of communication and how to harness that power to inform, connect and build not only myself but also the people that I come in contact with. For business, family, friends, or even on a personal level, it is important that you understand that you have the power to influence the world around you as well as through your thoughts and actions.

In 2008, while sitting in a college classroom working on a music degree a professor said something that not only changed my thinking but it changed my life. His statement was about the process of recording high-quality music and as he spoke my mind visualized what he was saying on another level. Tom, is a well-known recording engineer and Grammy winner for some of country music's greatest artist, his words were simple "If you record trash in, you will produce trash out". 

It was those words that made me re-evaluate my entire life, thinking, and the world. The words were true from the perspective of recording music but those words to me applied to life. No matter where you are in life you are influenced by what you are around, what you consume, and what you place your focus on. If you take a look at the people you follow or who you follow on social media you will quickly understand that those quick moments in time affect you in some form or fashion.

Maybe, you felt good, bad, upset, agitated or even just laughed the power of influence is real. For me, I started unfollowing ideas, people, and pages that had nothing to do with who I am, who I aspire to be or where I want to be in five years from now. What I realized is that over time my focus became more keen on the things that matter the most to me.

What are you focusing on the that is causing you to lose focus? Don't spend another day wasting time following things, people, events or news that doesn't line up with your goals and where you want to be in life. Today, focus on what matters the most to you, where you place your focus determines what you will produce.