Having a strategy creates the groundwork to accomplish your vision. Without a plan there can be no work, it is the process in which we become better. We are all driven by something; it may be your finances, career, family or even parenthood. The plan you devise determines how you’ll get from point A to point B. In life, we often overlook situations because we are focused on the finished product.

It is in the details that we find the construction of our dreams and goals. By design, a house comes with a blueprint, which is like a manual. Every phase of the process must be followed or the house will not pass inspection. Our success is determined by how well we pay attention to the details of our own lives. There is a purpose for your life, don’t compare your journey with someone else’s.

There will be setbacks and plenty of frustrations however if we stay committed we will win. Our daily task should reflect our efforts and push us closer to achieving our long-term goals. Over the years I have made it a habit to focus on my intentions. We must keep in mind that being productive is more important than being busy.

Here’s a quick exercise to help you better understand the process. Draw a dot at the bottom of a piece of paper; next, draw an X at the top of the paper. The dot will represent our starting point and the X will represent our finishing point. Finally, draw a line from the dot to the X as many ways as you like. The point of this exercise is to visually see that no matter which way you go you will always end up on the X.

Several things to remember about this exercise; from the dot to the X is a straight line. From the dot to X from any other line, the distance is the same however the path to the X may be longer. Our lives are just the same; our journey to our X may have twist and turns. We must be intentional about the things we do daily that draw us closer to our X.