Cracked But Not Broken

There will be situations in our lives that will create high-pressure situations, hardships and sometimes setbacks. We must understand that no matter what we face there is a plan for our lives and God will always bring us through. Often times the intensity of the pressure is so great that we look to throw in the towel, what is even more amazing is our breakthrough is often at our breaking point. Anything that is cracked is not broken and often only needs only to be repaired. How many times as a child did you or your siblings knock over your parent’s vase or flower pot? Even if the vase or pot was chipped it could be repaired with a strong glue or adhesive. Your punishment was probably severe in comparison to how easy it was to fix the crack or chip.

A lot of the situations we find ourselves in were created by preconceived thoughts which we felt were best for us or fit the circumstances at the time. Without consulting God first we leap into action with our own understanding and feel let down when we don’t yield the results we had hoped for. Our afflictions, which are only temporary, seem to be near death experiences when we feel as though we don’t have complete control of situations that may arise in our lives. Frustration starts to settle in and eventually turns into worry and stress and before you even realize it you have turned to irrational thinking.

Take a few moments and think about your own life and the enormous odds you overcame to get to the point you are now. Maybe it was your childhood, a failed marriage, or even a car accident that threatened to take your life. Now is the time to celebrate, not only did you overcome those odds you are still reaching, achieving and breaking new barriers as you continue to move forward.

No matter what happens in life you must not allow the enemy to trick you into feeling despair don’t lose your focus. Will circumstances arise that will seem totally out of your control yes, will you face setbacks yes, will you lose friends and family members along the way, yes. It is all part of the process; we have all been uniquely created and all have a valuable role to play in God’s plan.

Identifying your role and how you fit into this intricate plan is about your relationship with God. Every day that we have been blessed to see is another opportunity to seek God with our whole heart. Give God all your crack pieces and allow him to restore every area of your life that you feel crushed. At times you may feel Cracked But You Are Not Broken let God have his way, the Master potter knows more than the clay.