Counting The Cost

If you have lived long enough then you know nothing in life is free. It seems that everything has a cost when I was a kid I remember candy only cost a few pennies. Today, candy at the local convenience store cost one dollar. We often pay top dollar for materialistic things that we don’t really need or that hold no real value. Digital ads, commercials and huge corporations with big budgets drive the world we live in today. Technology has become a battleground as large corporations fight to capitalize on our spending. We spend countless hours working only to spend our money on things that hold no real value. New products are released every year, we purchase the latest products based on popularity and not need.

What will it take to satisfy our inner desire to constantly want more? It often seems as if we are in a silent competition with the people around us. No matter how much we obtain it seems we are always looking for more. Are we neglecting our basic needs to satisfy our wants? Nothing on earth can be taken when we die yet we continuously fight to hold on to temporary things. The world we live in has placed so much value on earthly things that we have failed to realize that our real treasures are stored in heaven. Our next life should reflect the will of our Heavenly Father while we were here on earth. In Matthew 16:26 (NLT version) it states “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?” The question is simple is there anything in this life worth trading your soul for?

Throughout time there have been great men and women who have done amazing things in their lifetime. The question that no one can truly answer is what was the cost to accomplish those things? Is there anything in this life worth trading our soul for? Our time on earth is very limited; we must learn to pay more attention to our impact more than our social status. Life will present opportunities it is up to us to make the right decision. Remember our actions come with a price tag, the next time you are placed in a difficult situation be sure to count up the cost before you jump into action.