Break Free

For so many years my poor decisions lead to failure, hardship, and pain. Over time I became a prisoner of my own actions and inabilities. Placing the blame on other people only hindered me from seeing my role. Everything that was happening in my life was a direct result of procrastination and lack of accountability. Waiting for others do the things that only I could achieve quickly landed me in some uncomfortable situations.

As I look back I realized that my faith was in the abilities of others and not in the power of God. The moment my focus shifted from the source (God) the divine order was knocked out of place. The people around me were merely resources and their abilities were limited.

There will be times in our lives where we feel helpless, for me I was a prisoner of my circumstances. Moving in my own understanding lead to great setbacks. In our limited ability, power and thinking, quick fixes only delay the process.

Imagine you caught a flat tire and you take it to the repair shop. There are usually three options: buy a new tire, get a used tire or get the tire plugged. The mechanic knows which option is best. We often want to take the cheapest route just to get back to our comfort zone. How can our character be built if we never face the tough issues of life?

What we fail to realize is that the least expensive way is not always the right option. It is similar to the quick fixes in our lives; sometimes the shortcut is not the right answer. Having God at the very core of our lives in times of difficulty strengthens who we are called to be.

We have to train our hearts and minds to align with God’s purpose. No longer can we allow ourselves to be prisoners, Christ has already pardoned our sins. Don’t allow the enemy to use your faults as chains to keep you in bondage. Christ has already paid the ransom so the enemy has no authority or power…BREAK FREE