Before The Storm

Have you ever noticed that before a storm hits it is really calm? It is often sunny and warm and you are enjoying your day than all of the sudden lightning is striking, thunder is booming all around you. Trash cans are flying down the street and people are running to their cars dodging the raindrops as they topple everything in sight. It almost makes you think what on God's good earth is going on up there?

No storm seems to ever be good because it dampens our plans, however often times we need a good storm to bring fresh rain and saturate the soil with fresh natural water. It also never hurts to catch some of the best rest you ever had during the storm. Today's, blog is about that calm before the storm, we often associate the word storm with destruction, chaos, and damage.

There are good storms and they happen every day we often miss them because we are too busy running around hoping to get everything on our to-do list accomplished. What if I told you that everything on your to-do list is part of the storm. See, we all go through dry periods when it seems that nothing is working or even making sense. So we pray and ask for guidance, direction, breakthroughs, miracles, and help.

Everything seems to be pointless, no breakthroughs are happening, we feel like all hope is lost and we start preparing for the worst. Have you ever noticed that right before the storm it is really calm? That's because we are supposed to be preparing for what we have prayed for, and for the most part, we do our best but every once in a while blessings will run your cup over and you are overwhelmed and don't know what to do. Don't just pray for the storm, prepare for the storm, get things in order so that when your time comes you are more than equipped to catch everything that is meant for you.

A lot of times we are unprepared, and miss opportunities, miss divine appointments and are often out of position to receive the rain meant for our lawn. Don't get caught out of position always be prepared to catch the breakthrough that is meant for your life, remember there is a calm before the storm, make sure you are prepared to catch the rain.