Anchor of Faith

Life will often bring unexpected storms into our lives, at times it seems that the waves of circumstances will drown us at any moment. The storms of life usually come when we least expect them and often leave us feeling helpless and powerless. In the Bible, the story of Jonah tells of a man who had been called by God to go to a city and deliver a message of repentance to the people. Despite what he had been called to do Jonah decided to board a ship and ignore the call on his life.

During the time he was on the ship a great storm came and threaten to tear the ship apart, the men were afraid and prayed to their own God's to deliver them from the storm. Meanwhile, Jonah was sound asleep unaware that the storm even existed, as the men panicked to free themselves and save their own lives they begin to toss cargo off the ship to gain control of the ship and save their own lives. As Jonah continued to sleep the men found him and asked him how could he sleep at such a devasting time. The men asked Jonah to pray to his God to save them from the destructive storm that appeared to become worse. Jonah knew that the storm was because of his disobedience and after receiving the short straw ordered the men to toss him into the sea so that they may be saved. 

The men did not want to throw him into the sea in such a time as this but were left with no choice. What makes this story so unique and relatable is that we often find ourselves in the fight of our lives at times and become stubborn and refuse to do things the way God has predestined for our lives. We fail to realize that our decisions affect others who are on our ship headed to their own destinations. Only the strong survive and Jonah was strong but a stubborn man, Jonah's own way was more important than God's way and it almost cost not only his own life but the life of the other men who were onboard the ship as well.

Though the storms of life may come we have been given an advocate to help us navigate through the deep and rough waves of life. How many times have you picked up your anchor and continued to sail hoping that God would send you help when everything in your life cautioned you to drop your anchor and wait on the Lord? We often believe that we know what is best for our lives and often forget that our ways and thoughts are not God's ways and thoughts. In times of trouble, we become overwhelmed with decisions that only God has the keeping power to handle. In times of trouble, we must seek God first to receive instructions in tough times. Our anchor of faith is a tool used to protect us from becoming shipwrecked in rough times. 

It is our faith in God that has the power to keep us from becoming tossed overboard as the storms of life crash our ship. We must not trust own thoughts, ways or even instincts when we find ourselves in deep waters, God is faithful and his word promises that he will never leave us or forsake us even in our troubled times. Do not be afraid or panic when the waves of circumstances came crashing into your life, hold steady and drop your anchor of faith, allow God to calm the storms of life so that you may continue on the journey that has been predestined for your life.

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